Independent High Street Shop with Internet Shop Prices

This will surprise a lot of people, but despite being a small niche retailer on a typically expensive High Street, we are very competitive on prices. We try to match and occasionally actually beat, the two largest online retailers whilst also saving you on postage costs when buying in the shop. We also do not believe in having two prices, so you will not see a “web exclusive” price.  The price is the same whether you are buying in the shop or online.

There are even occasions where we not only match but also even beat the supermarkets for pricing (unless they are doing loss leaders)!  We cannot always do so as our costs vary depending on availability and supplier, but we do try.  If you think we are not competitive on a particular price please ask and we will look at what we can do.

Maintaining this competitive price is exceptionally difficult to  do for a small shop like ours but we want you to not only get the best service and advice we can give you, but also the best value.  Plus we offer loads of fine whiskies to try before you buy and all for free.

When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance.

New In

We are constantly updating our products, bringing you new whiskies as they are released or ones we have bought in following customer recommendations.  These are shown below for a while until they are superseded by newer products.

Distillery of the Month

Every month we feature a different Distillery as our Distillery of the month.  We then feature expressions form their range on the tasting barrel.

Our Distillery of the Month for January is Mackmyra.

What Mackmyra say:

“In 1999, Mackmyra started the very first Swedish whisky expedition, a journey that has just begun. Our spirits are created with Swedish ingredients, a climate-smart distillation technique and a big portion of patience – giving it a unique whisky expression”

“When we outgrew our first distillery at Mackmyra Bruk, we took the chance to start over and and built the the worlds most climate-smart distillery, naming it Mackmyra Gravity Distillery. Standing 35 meter metres tall, as the name suggests this building makes use of gravity throughout the whisky-making process.”

We have several of their expressions open for tasting in the shop –  why not expand your whisky horizons by trying this lovely whisky.

Available To Taste

We always have some fine bottles for whisky open for tasting.  We currently have over 60 bottles open.  These can be found on either of our tasting barrels or if not on show then just ask as we store some out back as we do not want to swamp the barrels.

Sale Items

Prices change all the time as our various suppliers change their prices.  When we can, we offer some items for sale if we manage to get hold of them cheaper from other suppliers or we are price matching other sale prices.  Prices only last as long as we have stock at the cheaper prices available.