Pull The Pin Spiced Rum 5cl 37.5%


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A smooth rum, made from a unique blend of specially selected spices, with a warm depth of flavour and subtle tones of butterscotch

Guided by their passion for rum and memories of the military Tom and Kerry have created something quite amazing. An iconic bottle, outstanding rums and a brand that is all about taking the leap and celebrating what is good.

Injuries that Tom sustained whilst serving as an Army Commando in the British Military forced the end of his Army career. Travelling the world with a clear purpose was hard to replace. It was a challenging time in many ways and with no other career option floating his boat he decided that if he couldnt find the job that he wanted then he needed to create it.

He teamed up with Kerry, then a physiotherapist for the military, and they spent many hours infusing, tasting and distilling to create the perfect blend. Pull the pin was born in 2018 and they havent looked back.

Pull the Pin is not just a military term but a metaphor for life; Pull the Pin on convention, on whatevers holding you back or simply Pull the Pin to celebrate.

This iconic brand with its home in North Devon creates the finest handcrafted rum, infused and blended to perfection.