Portsmouth Distilley 1812 Single Cask Pot Still 3 Year Old Rum 70cl 43%


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This exceptional Rum from the Portsmouth Distillery Co. has been aged in Bourbon casks for three years, less than 100m from the sea in Fort Cumberland. Crafted in the heart of an ancient monument, the rum itself makes history, as  the first English Distillery to make from scratch & authentically age a Rum for three years!

Each bottling of 1812 is a single cask release: disgorged, diluted, filtered and bottled, thereby maintaining the 100% organic purity of the spirit.

On the nose there are intense notes of caramel and citrus peel alongside tropical fruits and layers of nutty toffee and pear drops. On the palate it is incredibly soft and smooth with a burst of sweet overripe bananas, finishing with just the right amount of bite from the alcohol.