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Nerabus Islay Gin 70cl


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70cl 42%

Nerabus is a hamlet by the shore on the Isle of Islay.

The small-batch gin is handcrafted with 100% Islay water, and the heather is infused.

This gin really shines when accompanied by an aromatic tonic and wedge of lime.

About the Distillers

Islay Gin Ltd, which is a private family-owned Scottish business, is the first and only company solely dedicated to producing Gin on the Hebridean Isle of Islay.

Islay Gin Ltd was set up by Dr John Gow and his wife Dr Audrey Gow to introduce a classic Hebridean Gin. It is produced with traditional juniper berries, herbs and spices together with an infusion of wild Islay heather to create a unique Dry Gin of character.

Following a 30 year medal winning career as a biomedical/forensic scientist, John has now focussed his laboratory skills to producing this classic Hebridean Gin – Nerabus.

Audrey previously worked at an Islay spirit distillery and is an expert in global customer care and the export of spirit drinks.

How to Drink Nerabus Islay Gin
The gin is a lightly floral, juniper rich, London Dry classic gin with earthy undertones. It is complemented by aromatic bitters such as Angostura.

We like our Nerabus Islay Gin with either 2 drops of Angostura aromatic bitters and plain light tonic or with Aromatic Fever Tree tonic. Both ways, with a slice of lime (not squeezed) and 1 block of ice or just very cold tonic. In addition, if you like your liquor just straight up, just pour it neat and enjoy!