Mackmyra Appelblom Swedish Single Malt 70cl 46.1%

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Mackmyra Appelblom (apple blossom) is a Swedish single malt whisky created in collaberation with revered calvodos producer Christian Drouin. The aromatic profile of the whisky comes from its aging in casks that previously held calvodos. The character is elegant and fruity with sweet notes of apple, ripe pears, vanilla and cedar.

The light tones of apple from the Mackmyra spirit, together with richer apple flavours from the Calvados, fuse with generous oak character to create a spicy balance. Notes of apple, ripe pear, citrus, almond toffee and cedarwood are present.

Nose: Fruity, lightly floral with vanilla notes from bourbon and new American oak casks. Toffee, toasted oak and cedar. Fruity tones of apple, pear and lemon.

Palate: Fruity and spicy, apple, ripe pear and lemon. Fine spicy flavours of vanilla, cedarwood, aniseed, almond toffee white pepper and ginger. A slightly rounded texture.

Finish: Fruity, spicy tones together with a light oakiness and a soft, fruity apple tang.

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