Eccentric Spirit Co. Pembrokeshire Pinky Small Batch Welsh Gin 70cl 40%


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Named after the Pink Thrift, the flower of Pembrokeshire, a blend of cherry & lemongrass to create a crisp, refreshing flavour with a beautifully smooth finish.

Try Pembrokeshire Pinky with either coriander and lime, or cherry and elderflower.

If coriander & lime takes your fancy, squeeze a wedge of lime into a tall glass filled with ice. Pour in your Pembrokeshire Pinky and top with tonic. Clap fresh coriander leaves between your hands to release the bouquet, and then garnish your drink. The coriander is a perfect marriage with the lemongrass flavour in the gin and the fresh lime juice combines with the fresh sweet cherry to give a crisp and balanced finish.

For the cherry & elderflower option, simply pour you Pembrokeshire Pinky into a tall glass filled with ice and top with elderflower tonic. Garnish with a cherry. The beautiful cherry flavour and colour in the gin is enhanced by the cherry garnish and the elderflower tonic helps bring out the beautiful flavours of lemongrass giving an incredibly flavoursome finish.