Eccentric Spirit Co. Dewi Sant Gin 70cl 40%


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Small Batch Welsh Gin

A sea spray inspired, coastal infusion of aromatic rich herbs, fennel & spritzy citrus.

Try Dewi Sant with either basil and lime or cucumber and lemon.

If basil & lime takes your fancy, squeeze a wedge of lime into a glass with ice. Add Dewi Sant gin, top with tonic and then garnish with a sprig of basil. If you clap the basil in your hands first, you will release the beautiful bouquet. The Basil works perfectly with the coastal infusion of aromatic rich herbs, and the fresh lime really match with the spritzy citrus flavour from the gin.

For the cucumber and lemon option, replace the lime wedge with lemon. After you’ve added your gin and some cucumber tonic to the glass, garnish with a ribbon of cucumber. Cucumber offers a subtle savoury flavour, enhancing the herbal flavours of the gin, and letting the gin be the hero. Lemon adds freshness and combines with the spritzy flavour of the gin.