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Downton Explorer’s Gin 70cl 44% Vol


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Downton Distillery Explorer’s Gin 70cl 44% Vol

A distinctive London Dry Gin

A classic combination of balanced botanicals of Juniper cedar and citrus

Western Red Cedar providing a unique experience.

There are distinct and clear profiles. The citrus profile is quick to
appear due to the grapefruit and orange, floral notes are given by
verbena and angelica seed. A good nose will unearth the fresh mint
notes caused by sichuan pepper. Its complex and subtle but what
takes centre stage is the red cedar providing a mellow pine scent

Juniper appears at the forefront this is quickly replaced by the bold
bright citrus flavours, the spice of the pink and sichuan pepper
provide the warmth with verbena adding the creamy textures. As
the sichuan oils oxidise on your tongue it causes the mouth to cool
providing the subtle mint notes which enhance the tail notes of
fennel seed and liquorice providing the final flourish that lingers in
the mouth.

Close your eyes and let your palate explore the subtle flavours, as
Explorer’s Gin enriches your senses. Being a London dry it will leave
you wanting more.
The combination of juniper, cedar, citrus and spice creates a gin
where you will step back and go ‘wow that is different’.