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Delord 15 Year Old Bas Armagnac 70cl 40%


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The distillery is in Lannepax, the family’s native village. The distillation, an essential and fascinating step in the creation of Armagnac takes place in the heart of winter. They are one of the only Armagnac houses using the two methods of distillation; the continuous distillation method that is typical for Armagnac and the double distillation. Their two Armagnac alambics, one of which is a  Sier  dating from 1900, are both column stills equipped with particular plates called spider plates which are ideal for the production of old Armagnacs. The two double distillation stills produce fruity eaux-de-vie destined for young Armagnacs.

This is a relatively young (for this distillery) Armagnac, but we are sure you will enjoy it.