Corner 53 Experimental Series Gift Box 3 x 20cl (Grey)


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Corner Fifty Three

Established in 2016, Corner 53 are a small, unconventional distillery that aims to break the boundaries of taste and definition, and use some mind blowing “botanicals”.

All of their products have something vey unique about them, yet they are all fantastic and masterfully created.

1 x 20cl Pomelo

1 x 20cl L.M.P

1 x 20cl Not Pink Gin

“Pomelo” Pink Grapefruit & Wormwood Gin
Pomelo is all about bold, fresh flavours on a sunny day. Using purely fresh fruit sourced for us by our local greengrocer, we pack our still to bursting to make a gin overflowing with flavour. Pink grapefruit (both peel and flesh), lemon, apples and pears all combine to give a huge citrus kick, balanced with refreshing green fruits, before a long woody finish from the addition of wormwood allows the juniper to sing. This is a full, bright, fresh London Dry, that opens with the addition of a mixer. Meaning no having to gently measure your tonic so as not to overpower the gin. A long sunny drink for a long sunny day.
L.M.P – Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie is exactly as it sounds. We pile Pastry, Lemon Curd and Meringue into the coloumn of the stilland vapour infuse our gin through. We add no false flavourings, no additional sugars. So this is a lovely crisp london dry with soft, creamy lemon notes, biscuity dryness and still plenty of juniper. Perfect with a light tonic and plenty of Ice.
“Not Pink Gin” Blackberry, Lemon & Honey Gin
We Sous-Vide blackberries, lemon and local honey from the Meon Valley, making a lovely deep purple syrup. This is added to our ever popular citrus hit, Pomelo, and left to steep for several days. Drawing all that flavour from the blackberries and giving a lovely soft hit of sweetness from the honey. Soft and gentle, but still full of flavour and completely natural. This is lovely on a sunny day with either a light tonic or a splash of elderflower.