Corner 53 3 x 20cl gin pack


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Corner Fifty Three

Established in 2016, Corner 53 are a small, unconventional distillery that aims to break the boundaries of taste and definition, and use some mind blowing “botanicals”.

All of their products have something vey unique about them, yet they are all fantastic and masterfully created.

1 x 20cl Pomelo

1 x 20cl Cherokee

1 x 20cl Umami

What Tom and Jamie say about their Gins:


Pomelo is all about bold, fresh flavours on a sunny day. Using purely fresh fruit sourced for us by our local greengrocer, we pack our still to bursting to make a gin overflowing with flavour.

Pink grapefruit (both peel and flesh), lemon, apples and pears all combine to give a huge citrus kick, balanced with refreshing green fruits, before a long woody finish from the addition of wormwood allows the juniper to sing. So big we had to work with theoretical chemists to develop a whole new additional process, as we had so much fruit, it couldn’t fully emulsify without a little extra help and care.

This is a full, bright, fresh London Dry, that opens with the addition of a mixer. Meaning no having to gently measure your tonic so as not to overpower the gin. A long sunny drink for a long sunny day.


The inspiration for Cherokee was our love of Bourbon, and its warming flavours of caramel, vanilla and smokiness. Its recipe actually pays homage to  the whiskey processes perfected by the Master Distiller, Jasper (Jack) Daniel and his fellow distillers of Tenessee and Kentucky.

We switch out the Maple filtration for actual pure Maple Syrup, which we concentrate and add into our still, alongside Sarsaparilla, Juniper and plenty of orange peel (among others). All these botanicals combine to recreate the flavours we crave while still maintaining the clean gin freshness we know and love.

Fantastic on its own over ice, or mix with Elderflower tonic or Ginger Ale.


If we are honest, Umami is the product of a rather drunken conversation, but aren’t all the best ideas. We wanted to create something rich and earthy, as more gins move to sweeter flavours, we wanted to go the other way.

Umami is the fifth flavour we can taste on our palate, described as a rich, savoury flavour, and we went big. Roasted butternut, shiitake mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, rosemary, olive oil, they all go into our still, and come out the other side absolutely beautiful. Rich, earthy, pure funk, with so much competing to be in charge, each new flavour complements the last.

This is a gin for playing and experimenting with, as much as savouring. The red wine of Gin and Tonics. Try it alongside some antipasti or a cheese board and see how it lifts the flavours even further.