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Conker Dorest Dry Gin 70cl 40%


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The Conker refreshing take on the classic London Dry. Well-balanced and Juniper-led, but with the bright and refreshing notes of Dorset.

Distilled and bottled at Dorset’s first gin distillery, the Dorset Dry embodies the bright and refreshing spirit of the county, with 10 select botanicals, including marsh samphire, elderberries and hand-picked gorse flowers foraged from across the Dorset coast and the New Forest.

Tasting Notes:
An intricate gin that’s slightly less dry than its London cousin. Com-plex, layered and with a bright freshness and intriguingly long finish that invites the second sip.
Aroma – Juniper pine forward with a hint of crisp lime citrus. Bright and purposeful.
Taste – Neat brings a complex big flavour that’s well balanced, with no one botanical spoiling the show. While the wheat spirit is smooth and creamy with appropriate level of heat.
Juniper leads, followed spice and slightly sweetened by herbaceous blue-fruit notes of elderberries.
Finish – Long lingering citrus. A lovely compliment of dry and sweet.
Serve – Classic Indian tonic with a strip of lime peel

The Serve
Conker incorporated fresh lime peel into the botanical recipe of the Dorset Dry, which means that when lengthened with tonic, it be-comes zesty and clean and incredibly refreshing.
With a classic Indian tonic they recommend keeping it simple with either a strip of lime or grapefruit peel .

Using the peel rather than the fruit keeps the drink dry and lets the gin shine through and do all the talking!

(Sambucus nigra)
Marsh samphire
(Salicornia europaea)
Gorse flower
(Ulex europaeus)

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